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Compensate Our Personal Injury Lawyer Only If You Win

Find a lawyer who will thoroughly research each issue to build a strong case for any client in western Kentucky or southern Indiana. We can help you obtain the justice you deserve for your suffering and losses.


Personal Injury

The Law Office of Preston J. Wade guarantees that all client correspondence is done with an attorney, not just the staff. Count on us to deal with all types of personal injury, including car and motorcycle accidents. Our lead attorney has been in more than 100 jury trials, and this is why he makes it a point that every client gets a fair settlement or a jury trial. We DO NOT settle the cases like many of the other attorneys that handle personal injury cases. When you have someone with the reputation of an experienced and successful trial attorney in your corner, you are treated like you deserve -- with respect. Don't settle for the personal injury attorneys that have almost NO trial experience; the insurance companies know who they are and so do we!

One-on-One Working Relationship

Get hands-on experience from an attorney who is only compensated once you win. For that reason, you will talk almost exclusively with an attorney and not the legal staff.