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Find a criminal defense lawyer you can trust from the Law Offices of Preston J. Wade. Do not believe the advertisements about how great certain lawyers claim to be.  If they do not have success in numerous jury trials, they do not have the experience to make you feel safe.  Not only that, but insurance companies, prosecutors and other attorneys know that they don't have trial experience, and they use it against them (so do we).  Don't let the commercials fool you. Having an experienced and successful attorney with a stellar reputation is invaluable.  Preston J. Wade is such an attorney.  Our state and federally licensed attorney serves clients in Henderson, Kentucky, as well as Evansville, Indiana, and surrounding areas. We can hold meetings in our office, in your house, place of work, or anywhere else convenient for you.

The Law Offices of Preston J. Wade are built on a formidable combination of skill and experience. Our chief attorney co-wrote a brief while he was still in law school that reached the United States Supreme Court; Hill v. Colorado, 530 U.S. 703 (2000).  Upon graduation, he went on to become a very successful prosecutor and volunteered for every jury trial available. In his over 100 jury trials, in both criminal and civil cases, he has a success rate at 95.4%. He has now transitioned from prosecution to criminal defense.  A seasoned veteran with more than twenty years of experience, he has made a huge contribution to our success.  It makes an enormously beneficial difference to have an experienced attorney who has had tremendous success on both sides of the courtroom representing you.  With us, you have it.

Preston J. Wade was recently given the "Nationally Ranked Top 10 Attorney" award for excellence in the field of Family Law by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys and he was selected as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by the American Society of Legal Advocates in consecutive years.

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When charged with drinking and driving, set an appointment with a DUI lawyer from the Law Office of Preston J. Wade. Choosing us makes the difference between a jail sentence and a reduced plea bargain or an aquittal. We take the time to prepare your case thoroughly before the trial.


Being charged with misdemeanors or felonies is a serious matter. We agree that some matters can be handled independently, but our lawyer helps you understand the situation and gives legal advice regarding the best line of action you can take.

Criminal Defense
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Get your fair share of assets after a divorce from your partner with legal advice and help from our experienced attorney. We also do everything in our power to secure child custody. Our lawyer will not hesitate to take favorable actions for your case.

Divorce & Custody
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This law office also serves clients who file personal injury. Such a situation calls for some assistance from an experienced lawyer. Set up an appointment with us to find a lawyer you can trust with malpractice, toxic exposure, or other severe injuries. Get the most out of your insurance.

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