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Get an Experienced DUI Lawyer on Retainer

Save yourself time and money. Hire an experienced and successful DUI lawyer to handle your defense claim. Experience without success is a waste of your money. Our head lawyer served as the lead prosecutor in all criminal cases that he has handled. He understands all the angles from which we can defend your case.

Don't let the commercials fool you. Having an experienced and successful attorney with a stellar reputation is invaluable.
Preston J. Wade is such an attorney.

Car Crash

Driving Under the Influence

A person is charged with DUI if he or she was found to have significant blood alcohol (or other intoxicants) content while driving, or while "in control" of a vehicle. This is a serious offense that can lead to many repercussions. Such action is frowned upon because of the high number of accidents and deaths caused by drunk drivers everywhere.

Legal Advice

You should never speak to a police officer without an attorney. Hence, we strongly advise that you call us immediately upon arrest. Aside from representing you in court, our experienced attorney can help you make informed choices about pleading in your DUI case. We typically charge $750 for the retainer fee and offer financing in some situations.  A DUI charge can be an ongoing nightmare financially, emotionally and logistically.  We can help.